Random Links

1. What is a print? MOMA answers this question with a neat little flash animation.

2. The Vienna Phil and State Opera Orchestra are just as sexist as when they didn't allow women to join. My favourite quote from this article comes from Dieter Flury, who is the business director of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra:
So if one thinks that the world should function by quota regulations, then it is naturally irritating that we are a group of white skinned male musicians, that perform exclusively the music of white skinned male composers. It is a racist and sexist irritation. I believe one must put it that way. If one establishes superficial egalitarianism, one will lose something very significant. Therefore, I am convinced that it is worthwhile to accept this racist and sexist irritation, because something produced by a superficial understanding of human rights would not have the same standards.
Can you just smell the patriarchal privilege and entitlementitis? If I think about this quote for too long, I can feel my head start to implode at the logic. It's like, you expect the patriarchy to be a bit more insidious, but, instead you have this white guy waving his penis in your face and you can't believe he's being that obvious.

3. Since I promised you random in my post title, let's end with a bit of pretty, shall we? I don't know what's come over me, but I want wallpaper.

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