We're Back to Unbirthdays Here

I've decided that I am no longer going to celebrate mid-week birthdays. They rather suck because in everyone's rush to do important things like work and eat and sleep and take care of the kids, they tend to forget. This is completely understandable but my ego is irrational and sensitive. Its feelings still get hurt.

I might change my mind about mid-week birthdays after the dissertation is done because the diss makes everything suck. Celebrations, even for non-diss-related things, seem like a bad idea. Back to the mid-week birthdays, I won't be able to tell you for several years if this attitude towards the mid-week birthday is tenable because next year is a leap year. In 2007, I'll have a Friday birthday. Woohoo!

Birthdays are not birthdays without some showing off (even if it's stuff you bought for yourself).* I've been searching the internet to find a picture of my new knee highs (cotton, angora, cashmere, and stripes!), but I can't find anything. Instead, you'll have to settle for a peak at the print I bought.

The weekend is almost here. I'm planning on ODing on Indian sweets on Saturday. Hurray for Diwali!

*Ptichka bought me dinner and half a sewing machine. I'm buying the other half for her. Pictures and many poorly quilted, sewn, and machine-embroidered items coming to this here blog once we actually pick out and buy the thing.


altermyworld said...

Happy Birthday Zh. I hope you have a nice un-birthday whenever you celebrate.
I hate birthdays, really, i think they are a complete waste of time, i usually remember only because i don't want to hurt those special persons feelins. and oh mine is two weeks before December 25. 12 days before.....try that one on for size....i always get "heres your birthday AND christmas gift. THAT sucks.
so can i legally change my birthday.
Every year in fact....so that it always falls on a saturday.

Odilon said...

Thank you! I got your envie today too! I have no idea what's in it (vine ATCs?). I'll open it late tonight after I get home from teaching a rousing game of I hate the microfilm machines!

Dude, it totally sucks to have your birthday that close to Christmas. Combo gifts are the worst! So, yeah, I think that you can legally change it to whatever day you'd like. AND I think that you should be able to change the day from year to year.

Odilon said...

Whoops! I'm not teaching that rousing game, I'm going to play it after I finish teaching.

gwensmom said...

Yay Happy Birthday! I am so excited to hear that y'all are getting a sewing machine and can't wait to see what you make.

Happy Diwali too!

georgeious said...

ack, i missed your birthday! if it makes you feel better, i was asleep in drool by 8 pm (which so very very unlike me) and claim exhaustion.

as for bday/xmas presents, derek and i both sadly also know that feeling. in order to combat this problem, i give the same combo to people with birthdays in july. "here's your birthday AND holiday gift!" doesn't take them long to get the point or else hit the road.

but we should all feel free to have perpetual saturday birthdays and eat cupcakes until we pass out. mary even says that birthdays should officially last for at least a week so that you can milk them for all they're worth. enjoy your big week toots.

V.K. Soaplash said...

*slinking in the back door*

happy biffday zh. wee!

I like yer new stuff muchlies and I'm glad to see you doing so muchlies of it!

New one-half kitty is shore purty, too......even when he's pissed-off. Wow!