Art by the Card Challenge 2006: Card no. 15

I am two cards behind. I do have a bunch of blanks prepared but I'm not sure what to do with them, other than slide them into a drawer for safe keeping. If I didn't have to teach or mark journals or go to a movie or actually finish writing my diss, I'd catch up today. The weather's horrible. It demands that I drink too much coffee, do laundry, and putter. Unfortunately, the weather is being overriden by Real Life. That Real Life can be such a bitch sometimes.

I present to you my fifteenth card. Grass is awesome. I've been keen on it in the past. This card was done with acrylics, silk thread, and variegated embroidery floss.

I'm contemplating adding a single, wind-blown red leaf to the card to make it pop just a bit more. I am, however, afraid that my leaf would turn out ghetto-assed and then the entire card would be ruined. What do you think?

In completely different news: I'm afraid that this past episode of Project Runway (it was the real woman challenge here in Canada) marks the beginning of a redemption edit for Jeffrey. His mother mentioned that he was a recovering alcoholic and he cried when Robert was sent home. These are bad signs. Jeffrey's been nothing but an asshole so far. Don't temper it with hard-luck stories! Even if he does get the redemption edit, though, I still dislike him for his misogyny. Alcoholism and losing your best friend on the show still don't justify that.

There's nothing below the fold.


Kirsten said...

I say go for the red leaf, ghetto or not!

wolfa said...

I meant to say, I really like this one, and don't go for the leaf unless it's very small.