Art by the Card Challenge 2006: Background Edition

I made one mistake this month: I started using new supplies. It all began quite innocently. Ptichka bought some Sennelier artist inks, I bought a massive tub of modelling paste and a tube of unbleached titanium high-viscosity acrylics. Then the new supplies got out of hand. I bought fluid acrylics in a few colours. Then I needed them in a few more colours so that I could mix more colours. Then, I discovered that Tri-Art (which is my favourite brand) makes fluid acrylics for a fraction of the price of Golden paints. Cheaper paints = a few more colours. And now I have a tonne of backgrounds and no urge to do anything to them because I really just like most of them they way they are. Also, I don't want to screw them up, even though there is always my BFF, gesso. He hides most mistakes.

Enjoy my backgrounds. Most of them were done with acrylics. There are more below the fold and they are very bright.

I did start one ATC last night. I should be finishing it up at some point today between the diss and the dishes and dinner. It's on a background that you don't see here, but which is very, very cool. Trust me. You'll see it soon.

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