Botany Deco

I will admit that sometimes it just feels good to make a deco. It's a small bound book that you send out into the world for people to art up when you're sick of having it hanging about the house. Try to do that with a pamphlet-bound booklet.

Above is the front of a botany deco with its "obi" to keep the sleeve shut. Pictures of the rest of the deco are below the fold.

I'm always on the hunt for interesting constructions. I saw this deco's construction in Creative Correspondence last week and figured that it would be perfectly suited for a sewn paper deco I've been wanting to make. The botany deco is a trial run. There are four envelopes on hinges attached to a protective sleeve. Inside each envelope is an ATC back. The construction, I hope, will make it difficult to accidently much up someone else's work, and be able to accomodate 3D elements (Why people glue those "jewels" on a page in a flat book with no room in the binding is beyond me. Respect le livre, people!). It's also fun to get a book with an unusual construction.

Below is the rest of the book. It was putzy to make but rewarding in its fussiness.

The front of the deco sans "obi."

The back of the deco sans "obi."

The deco open. Each envelope holds on ATC back.


Kirsten said...

Such a cool construction - Thanks for sharing!

Cellissimo said...

Pretty! I love the obi idea!

Odilon said...

Thanks. And I must confess, the obi idea comes from Ptichka and her kimono decos.