Art by the Card Challenge 2006: Card no. 3

Another vertical card! This one is of bare trees at sunset. The background wash was done with watered-down fluid acrylics. The trees were done in my other latest addiction: Sennelier artist inks.

It's late and I'm tired, so admire the card. I may discuss the rest of my life again sometime this week...even though I'm trying to ignore it.


Cellissimo said...

I like your style - it's uncluttered and clean. I need to buy some fuild acrylics, and if I can find them, Sennelier inks. I hear great things about them!

Odilon said...

Merci! I want to drink the Sennelier inks, they are so freekin' gorgeous. Now I need to use up my Winsor and Newton inks in green and red so that I can invest in more Sennelier.