You're Only a Day Away - A To Do List

1. Decide on outfit. Something nice but short of suit.

2. Procure money order for Right of Landing fee.

3. Procure two more mugshots immigration photos.

4. Print out map.

5. Figure out transit route to interview.

6. Inform Ptichka that we will be crawling out of bed at 5.30.

7. Gather original documents, including birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, student authorization.

8. Ensure that Ptichka has her passport.

9. Practice saying with meaning: "No, I do not have any dependents" and "No, I have never been convicted of a crime."

10. Memorize Ptichka's shoe size, eye colour, toothbrush colour, favourite colour, parents' name, first pet's name, life history.*

*I kid. I know all of this already. In fact, we had a heated discussion last night about whether her toothbrush is purple or fuschia.

Updated at 14.35.

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altermyworld said...

(hugs) Girl I feel for you. I know the pain.
I swear you had better update this blog tomorrow ASAP. I will personally come kick your ass if you don't.
You'll be ok...Just imagine them in their underwear no wait you might vomit. Not good.
PS I wore jeans.

gwensmom said...

Whee this is so exciting! Let us know everything as soon as you can get to a computer.