Etobicoke, We Have Landed Despite the Best Efforts of Mr. Surly Bus Driver to Thwart Us

There was much hilarity long before and shortly before. The former solidified my reptutation as a willful dumbarse and the latter was straight out of Gogol. There was no hilarity during, just much initialing and signing. There was elation and pancakes with 2 eggs and bacon afterwards.

Most importantly, I heard the words I wanted to hear: "Congratulations. Welcome to Canada."

I landed at 9.00 AM.

ETA: I'll provide more details later this week. I have champagne to drink, petits fours to consume, and Anthony Bourdain to ogle at this very moment.

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Jacey said...

Boy, did I ever pick the right time to read your journal.

wolfa said...


georgeious said...


i'm squealing in delight for you!

altermyworld said...

WOW ZH I am so happy for you. I am....OMG i am squealing in my chair.....was it as i said it was going to be or different, please do tell.
Frig i'm happy


Beth said...


gwensmom said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy! congrats Z, it's been a long road. Have a blast celebrating.

Kirsten said...

Yippee - congratulations!