It's time for another blogging break for me. I'll be back in a week. Hopefully by then I'll have figured out how to survive the next four weeks. Ugh.

In the meantime, enjoy some random pictures of the celebration in the 'hood yesterday evening. I'm not ecstatic that Italy won the World Cup, but I can't say I was too excited by the prospect of a French win after Zin├ędine Zidane's inexcusable stupidity last night. What was he thinking? What the hell did Marco Materazzi do or say?

So far, everyone's speculating that Materazzi either spewed racist crap or gave Zidane's nipple a hard tweak. Since I wasn't truly invested in either team winning, the whole incident left me apathetic. While retaliation is punished more severely in the sports world than provocation, I think that both men should be ashamed of themselves. They both cheapened the game.

ETA: If the reports are true, then I'm siding with Zidane. Sure, he shouldn't have butted Materazzi. Yes, he was properly booked for the offense. But just because Materazzi's actions weren't technically against the rules, doesn't make morphing into privilege personified right. There's talk about Zidane let down his fans, but frankly Materazzi let down his fans too. Who wants to win if it involves racist provocation?
This one is courtesy of Ptichka to give you a sense of how big the party was here. CBC has a photo gallery of "Toronto" celebrating. Their photographer must live in Little Italy because that's were all the pictures of Italian fans are. Pshaw. The real party was up here. There is life north of Bloor. I promise!
Rooftops are always the best place to celebrate...
...although bus shelters will do in a pinch. There was a cop car in the traffic, telling people to get down, which everyone would do until the cop car passed. Then, they'd get right back on. It was something of a doing, however, because traffic was s-l-o-w, and it took the cop car a while to pass.
Random Italian babes for my brother's benefit.
Crazy sports fans, they painted their car!

And in completely unrelated news, Ptichka and I consumed some offspring from the neighbor's garden. Yummy!

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