Monday Garden Blogging

We were a bit late getting things in the ground this year. Actually, we're always a bit late getting things in the ground. There are always so many other things to do.

Ptichka planted beans on Monday. They started coming up on Wednesday. Here's two laggards that only started pushing through the soil on Saturday. Get going, beans! I want to eat your offspring.

Everything else is coming along well. The chard is up, the beets are forming, the kolhrabi is going like gangbusters. Oh, and then there are the shallots, which don't want to be eaten. They are, therefore, rotting in the ground. Bastards. And for those of you who were worried about our eggplants, I'm happy to report that they have finally gotten used to their new surroundings and are creating new leaves. Eggplant! Yum!

In dissertation news: I sent two of my Russian chapters to my friend, who is now a hot-shot assistant professor, to take advantage of her encylcopedic knowledge of Russian theatre and film. Guess what! She loved them! I'm on the right track! Woot! She even thinks that one of them is just about ready for public consumption. I'm so relieved.


altermyworld said...

Yeah for beans, yeah for gardens and yeah for summer.


gwensmom said...

yay for good dissertation news! Woot!

I grew kohlrabi once just because it looks so freaky. I think I ended up putting in soup. How do you cook yours?

m.fish said...

I would love a t-shirt that says:
"Get going, beans! I want to eat your offspring."

My lord. That is funny. I am still chuckling.

re: kolrabi aka Sputnik Root.
Best eaten raw. Yum.

georgeious said...

i second what miss fish says - can we all get shirts printed up to say that? i bet they'd go over big. you can use the proceeds to finance your next trip abroad.

Odilon said...

Threadless has some type-only tees these days, I wonder if they'd like to print up a run of "Get going, beans! I want to eat your offspring."

Sarah: I'm going to use the kohlrabi first for a print I want to make and then we'll eat it raw, most likely. I've had it blanched too, but never in soup. How was it?

V.K. Soaplash said...

great stuff Zh...getting caught up on yer bloggy! Oh lord I laugh when I read your stuff. Et j'aime le..la...dang!...aubergine! can't wait to see that kohlrabi print too.