Did I Say "Blogging Break"?

I lied because I need to post a public thank you for a beautiful print from Victoria that wound up in my mailbox. It's brightened my day and my inspiration board. Merci beaucoup!
(Wonkiness due to my scanning abilities.)

There's nothing below the fold.


Kathy/Butterland from OriginalArtDecos/ATCards said...

That would be a great way to brighten up your day. Cool. And thanks for breaking your "break" from blogging to post it.

V.K. Soaplash said...

awwww! thanks for posting, Z! I had to take a break from winging carrot-ends out the back sliding glass window and see what's up in your world (there is a lot of green vegetation outside there, no one will notice a few carrot-tops and ends, why throw 'em out? the squirrels will surely find thing). Wishing you good luck with all that disserting...er yeah, and stuff.