Library: 2; Me: 0

I used to keep a running score for my dissertation. The dissertation itself wasn't my adversary, however. The library was my enemy because it liked to thwart me.

I stopped coming to the library for a while, when I realized that I work better at home. True story. Now I only come in to pick up books from ILL and read journals, which means that there hasn't been much thwarting going on.

I stopped keeping score. Well, until now.

I'm here for an evening of work so that the wife can enjoy an empty house. The light in my carrel is, of course, burnt out. One point to the library.

The library, and don't tell me that I'm unreasonable for anthropomophizing the thing, has also hidden a book I need: Death in Quotation Marks. A second point to the world's ugliest and most useless research university library. It, among with a host of other things, makes me long for home. Loser.

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