All Kitties All the Time

As I made muffins this morning, I noticed a face off on my top stair between the neighbor's kitty whom I like and the neighbor's kitty whom I do not like so much. I let the kitty I like in and shooed away the other one who also made for the front door. I put my muffins in the oven to bake and headed to the bathroom for a shower. When I exited the bathroom, I wondered where the neighbor's cat would be. The bedroom door was closed. Her favourite chair had a notebook on it. I searched the living room and found her among the craft supplies. She had found the one open box of fabric and had climbed up into the shelving unit and parked herself. How do cats find these places to sleep?

I (as always) have more work to do than I care to contemplate. All I want to do anyway is go back to bed, but I suppose that isn't an option.

There's nothing below the fold.

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