When all else fails, post a cute picture. The neighbor's cat asleep on our bed. If she's not sleeping, she's far too interested in the camera to sit still. Her inability to remain stationary makes it very difficult to photograph her. She's cutest when she's sleeping anyway.

I have a tonne of stuff to do today and zero motivation. I sent chapter 3 to my advisor last night. It's not perfect (yet) but I made so many massive improvements in that that I'm quite happy. It's beginning to feel like my work now.

ILL beckons, the music library beckons, my department beckons, and some dead white men beckon. The backgrounds I made last night for a couple of projects (my "reward" for finishing this round of revisions) are also calling me. Unfortunately, I have to ignore them until tomorrow. Or maybe tonight. Who knows.

A second cup of coffee is definitely calling my name. I think that I'll listen to it.

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wolfa said...

Conveniently, cats sleep 16 hours a day, so you have lots of time to catch her asleep.

Yet again I forgot about my second cup of coffee. Argh. Now it's all cold.