Graphic courtesy of the TTC homepage because "Toronto is in turmoil."

...And this week opens with a bang. Unfortunately, it's the wrong sort of bang. But a bang is a bang, I suppose.


V.K. Soaplash said...

oy!! aiiieee! did you have to pack it in and go back home? Wow - this impacts soooo many people, and no warning??? I guess that is a surefire way to get attention focused somewhere that needs to be....I love your Abstract Pages post too. Your image is just lovely! I hope you post more pics of what you've been working on, I'm very curious. And I love the cat and coffee-cup picture...

Odilon said...

Luckily, I had no where to go yesterday but I feel for the people (like my wife) who had to be somewhere. It was 106 with the humidity factored in. Ugh.

Thanks for the compliment on the abstract pages. I'll post work as I get a chance to do it. My week-long meltdown is finally over, so I should have some time to make stuff soon.

And the cat is a sucker for milk foam. Every morning she tries to get at my wife's latte.