It's been a rough week, folks.

I've learned things about me that I don't like. I've learned things about others that I don't like. I've learned things about my dissertation's structure that I don't like.

Here's hoping that next week will be better.


miss fish said...

Aw honey.... !
Sending you good vibes. Have a good weekend, okay?

gwensmom said...

Learning things about yourself you don't like is so hard. But at least you can fix them now that you know.

Here's to a better week for Miss Z- starting NOW!

georgeious said...

well toots, WE like you.

as scarlett says - tomorrow is another day. i keep reminding myself of that, too, and hoping that it doesn't suck just as much. have a cup of coffee and just try not to be too hard on yourself. big hugs coming your way...

altermyworld said...

Rouhg weeks suck and I'm really sorry you had one. Having one. hmmm is it over?
You're are smart!!!!!! You know Russian for GAWD sakes or it that German or maybe Italian...who the F*** knows but lets just say you know IT!
Take a breather, get your favorite coffee, and just breath, here go here and watvh this


I find this comforting, uplifting maybe you will to.
I rec'd my Loser cards today from Sharpie scouts and I got one of yours...OH it is so beautiful....i am fortunate. Woot!

Oh and about that tag..bugger off, i hate tags and am refusing to do not one.....more

Tell CHantale Hi for me, haven't see her around, tell her to update her blog, i go there and there is nothing new. POO!

Big hugs and hope you enjoy my rambling.

Odilon said...

Ang: I only tagged you because you don't post enough to keep me happy. I need constant fixes of my fellow potty-mouthed expat!

I'll give my regards to the missus. She's hatching a scheme for a new blog but it's dependent on my finishing my diss and moving the computer out of my very crazy-making office. Pffft.