Abstract Pages

I have a thing for colour-themed decos: shades of something obscure, complementary colours, single colours. I love them all because the only thing they really restrict is my palette and they allow abstract work, which is my preferred M.O. lately. I prefer it, I think, because there's easily room for paper, paint, and thread. It's usually so difficult to choose which medium to use.

I worked on three colour-themed decos this weekend. Here are pictures of two. The top one is for a red and black deco. I used Indian paper, katazome, momi, a machine-made decorative Japanese paper, and silk thread.

Below is the other page I made. This one is for a shades of winter deco. I used scrapbooking paper, a couple different machine-made decorative Japanese papers, chiyogami, unryu, Indian paper, and tarasen tissue for the collaged circles; acrylics for the background; and variegated embroidery floss for the stitching. The little "x" in the centre of each circle not only looks cool, but it also serves a purpose: to ensure that very textured papers stay put.

It's time to see if my revised schedule for editing is going to work. The oral defense keeps appearing further and further in the future.

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