Kirsten and I were on the same page last night. I used some of the paper I've been hoarding for ages to make some ATCs. Scans in a week or so because the ATCs are for a secret father time swap.

I also dragged out our four-strong Japanese craft book collection. Oddly enough, we can't buy Japanese craft books in Toronto. Tania recently put out a call for leads. I keep checking the comment thread to the post and so far I'll still have to use yesasia.com to obtain any Japanese craft books I'd like. The problem with using an internet site is that I can't thumb through the books.

The previous paragraph was a long aside to explain why Ptichka and I spent several hours in the book store attached to Uwajimaya in downtown Seattle thumbing through the craft books. Below are our spoils, which have given me some ideas for ATCs.

I bought this one for Ptichka for Christmas. It's an entire book of small containers with some added kanzashi. I bought it mainly for the kanzashi.

This is a book on sashiko that Ptichka bought. We've already gone through all the sashiko books in the Toronto Public Library system.

Then there is this one, which features all sorts of natural/organic designs. It reminds me quite a bit of Lotta Jansdotter, whom I adore. This is the book that got the imagination going again.

Finally, Corsage and Something Like Corsage, which is full of all sorts of yummy floral creations.

We wish that we could have bought more craft books, especially embroidery, but I suppose that we'll just have to go back to Seattle again soon.


miss fish said...

*grabs chest*

I love those books. Ack!

Odilon said...

I'm going to post the ISBN numbers soon and then you'll have no option but to order your own copies. Bwah ha ha ha!

Cellissimo said...

I've recently discovered Japanese craft books! I'm struggling through the diagrams in one of them because there is this awesome bird purse that I want to make.

By the way, I live close to a Japanese bookstore with a decent craft section. If there's a book that you and Ptichka want, let me know and I'll see if I can find it for you...

Odilon said...

Yes, the awesome bird purse. I know it well. Have you seen Crafting Japanese?

I may be bugging you soon about the books here, even though I don't think that they're craft books.

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the link to Lotta Jansdotter's site. I'd never heard of her before - but the stuff there is wonderful! Do you have any of her books? I thought I would enjoy the travel book that is on her site. I studied in Norway for a semester and traveled around Scandinavia a bit, so I love learning more about that area.

Odilon said...

No, we don't have any of her book, just a pack of postcards that will never ever ever ever get used. Ever.

Here's the website of a Swedish illustrator that you should check out. I think under miscellaneous she has a blog. And the cutest dog ever.