I've been having a hard time making anything lately. I sit down and stare at my materials and my art table before wandering off to see if The Simpsons are on (because they're always on some channel somewhere) or if we've suddenly and magically acquired for no additional charge Animal Planet. Not only am I not able to make anything, I'm still sans Animal Planet and the The Simpsons are never on anymore.

At first, I blamed my block on several outstanding swaps that I simply don't want to make. I'd feel guilty working on something on which I want to work, so I don't work at all. Self-defeating, isn't it?

Then, I blame my lack of sleep. I still do partially blame my recent bout of insomnia for not being able to work. I fall asleep at midnight and am up again at four. Blech. It's hard to concentrate.

Mainly I blame my lack of technique for my inability to work. I think that I've gone as far as my myriad novice techniques will carry me. I'm finding it harder and harder to get from conception to finished project these days because I'm inching closer to having the finished project match the conception. I suppose that I should be thankful for this development but it really just makes me tired. I'd also like to develop a style. That also makes me tired. There's that lack of sleep again.

I also want to try something new, hence the more refined skills and style, but I don't know what to try. Art sqaured? Artist books? Prints? ATCs? I'm paralyzed by the options.

I suppose the only real answer is to get to work. It's a pity that I'm so damned lazy.

Well, if you listened to my whine so far, here's a reward for you: It's a scan from a book Ptichka bought me for Christmas called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

Isn't it gorgeous?


Kirsten said...

Thanks alot Zhenia, now I have to buy another picture book! :) I got a nice one for Christmas, too, called "Winter Lights: A Season in Poems and Quilts".
Don't worry - the January Blahs will pass. Use some of that beautiful paper that you're hoarding!

Odilon said...

Oh, just you wait until I post a couple of scans from the other book Ptichka bought me for Christmas.

The Oliver Jeffers is just stunning. And the cover is all shimmery. Sigh.

Cellissimo said...

I go through the above issue all the time with my creative process too. Sometimes I spend more time reorganizing and pushing my art supplies around than actually making something. It's weird - I'll get all pumped up about making something and then I get home and fall apart. I also watch the Simpsons obsessively (it's on three times a night on one of the channels I have). Occasionally I can get past the funk if I do a bit of busy work like cutting up ATC blanks, making marble magnets, knitting - projects I don't really have to think about.

I'd also like to develop my own style too. Except, I don't really know how to do that except keep trying. I lament the fact that I just can't draw.

I hope your muse comes back soon! Sometimes winter is a hard season to be creative in.