My bird decos for a swap at EC. The top one is washi collage. He's a cutie. The bottom one is acrylics, Sharpie, and water colours. His belly and one of his tail feathers feature ultramine paint mixed with blue interference paint. Shimmery. Tomorrow's winter decos also feature blue interference paint but straight. This stuff is fun.


Cellissimo said...

Love the birds and the autumn leaves! Autumn is my favorite season too. Unfortunately, California's Indian Summer usually robs me of a decent autumn experience. I did get to enjoy several lovely autumn days one October in Prague. Sigh.

Paychecks are good - I so can't wait to get mine this Thursday! Only, I'm afraid almost all of it is earmarked for rent. Sniff!

Beth Robinson said...

The first bird is indeed a cutie, but I like how the second bird deco looks as if the blue bird is actually raised above the aqua background. I guess that's from the different types of paint and methods of application. Beth

Anonymous said...

both birds are marvelous....that bottom one is the cutie....looks like he is poking his beak at me saying "Yo decorate a page already!"

Odilon said...

Cellissimo: Autumn is the bets and paycheques are wonderful. Ptichka may also be going back to work soon as both sides in the lockout have agreed to a contract in principle. Please please please!

Beth: I also like the flat look of water colours for a background and acrylics for the foreground. Insta-depth.

Ang: Yo, if you're nice, maybe Maggie'll let you do a page in it. The bottom one is for her.