I bought this bag for Ptichka yesterday. Her birthday's in a couple of weeks. Yes, she does read this blog but she already knows that I bought the bag for her. She looked over my shoulder as I purchased it. She's thinking that I'm going to slip something inside the bag for her. It'll truly be a surprise when there's nothing in it, I suppose. ;-) I bought the bag via Etsy and if it's as nice as it looks, I'm tempted to pick up something for me via the artist's personal website. Maybe this? She's in the UK but her shipping is totally reasonable. We'll see how much fun customs has with the package.

In completely unrelated news: I've decided to go back to my original swap sign up method: make first and then sign up. It's kind of pain because one of the groups I'm in has the shortest sign up period ever (and some of the best themes) but oh well. It'll keep me from getting ahead of myself and I need that.

I'm almost done with my fish decos so there will be scans soon. Yeah!

The blue bird of happiness is out of commission. I'm getting a modbird in this fabric. Green is the new blue.

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