To the right are my two fish decos for a swap at QD. The fish in the top one is based on an art nouveau print and done in water colour crayon. The second one is cut and pieced paper. Both will be going here.

The new sign up method seems to be working. I'm almost done with my hand-drawn and/or hand-painted deco for one swap. It's a bird deco. Big surprise, I know. The background for the complementary colours deco has been prepped. I've chosen my image for the single-image deco. I've also prepped the backgrounds for two ATC swaps. Then, I'm thinking that I may make a blackbird deco. The problem with having all of these started projects hanging about the office, though, is that I'd rather work on them than on the diss. Oh well, I promised myself that I'd get at least an hour of hard-core writing in today. Something, anything, to get me back on track.


lascabecitas said...

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Beth said...

Great fishies! In California I had dinner at a fish restaurant with tanks all through the dining room and spent time between courses sketching frantically and wishing I had my colors with me. They'll be my inspiration for the decos for that same swap.