I always forget how Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday feel like one, very long, very stressful day. Ugh. Tonight at 19.00, the week will be over and I can make some stuff and get some writing done. In the meantime, here's a greatest hit post. Another one of my first ATCs, this one beading on hand-dyed paper.

In other news, the Japanese Paper Place is having their third annual warehouse sale on Friday. It starts at noon. Ptichka, since she's still locked out (day 38), and I will be at the doors at noon. The warehouse is even walking distance from the house. We're trying to set a budget but neither one has made the first move yet. What sounds reasonable? Fifty bucks? One hundred? I'm hoping to find rolls of tissues, some cheap envelopes, and card. I'll share the spoils with you on Saturday.

In even more other news, yesterday at around 18.00, there was a knock at the front door. I could tell that it was a flower delivery guy so I was preparing to direct him to another apartment in the house (our CP package guy pointed out that "side door" didn't tell him much about where our apartment was because there's a door on every side of the house) because we don't get flowers delivered. Well, they were for us! An anniversary bouquet in fall colours from my parents (It was my dad's idea, even!). I'll post a picture once a few more blooms open. Currently the sunflowers and the carnations are closed tight.


miss fish said...

Unexpected bouquets are wonderful! And I'm totally jealous about your excursion into BeautifulPaperLand.


Odilon said...

I'll try to remember to bring the camera on Friday to capture the mayhem. I'm half afraid that I'll get there and there won't be anything I want, though. That would suck and it's happened before.