And Now for Something Completely Different

Brown and gold are two colours that I would probably not set out to use in the same piece. I still find it odd that I used to love brown. I had tonnes of brown clothing. My hair is brown. My eyes are brown. I am full of shit. You know, brown. My mum was the same way, except for the full of shit part. My mum is not full of shit. She still likes brown too. I should ask her if she ever renounced her love of brown for a decade or so. I've digressed. I don't wear brown much anymore. I prefer red and lime green (but not together). Ptichka told me that she is very thankful for that. I guess that I was blending in with the scenery when we were in the woods, which happens alot. But I still see how that could be disconcerting.

Have I ever mentioned here how much I love The Arcade Fire? I do. They rock.

Back on topic. This is a page in a brown and gold deco. The base layer is either raw sienna water colour or watered-down acrylic paint. I don't remember which. Then I wet the whole page and took my embossing tool to drip gold writing ink on the page. After that I did some Sharpie-ATC-inspired designs in gold Sharpie and a brown roller ball pen because I don't own a brown Sharpie! How did that happen?

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Altered Thoughts said...

This is one of my favorite color combinations. Very classy.