Today was my last day of freedom. Classes start tomorrow. I start teaching my weakest language tomorrow. I have to start going back to the department on a regular basis tomorrow. Tomorrow also marks the beginning of my last year as a student. This dissertation will be done and out of the way come June. Or at least it had better. I toyed with doing a ton of art today to get it out of the way. I also toyed with just hanging around and enjoying the lack of obligations. I did the latter. I hung. I did some painting, some glueing, some drawing, but without any urgency. I just enjoyed puttering because it will be a while before I get to putter again.

Scans will become less frequent. I'm cutting back on obligations, which means only art journals and deco pages for a while. Of course it looks as though circus themes and projects are still head and shoulders above the themes and projects in my other groups, so I'll probably still be playing hard there.

I can't imagine September not representing a new beginning. Well, here goes mine. Let's hope that tomorrow marks the beginning of some busy, but ultimately rewarding months.


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andrea said...

Awww Z!
Don't forget to take some time away from the books and do some art.

You only live once! - Well, unless you're a cat, and I didn't think you were ... :)