Another reason why Tuesday night was so unfulfilling was my inability to get a decent monoprint using acrylics. I should have used block printing ink or oils but it's difficult to mix the right colours with block printing ink and I have no idea how to clean up after myself with oils other than with mineral spirits. I don't even own any mineral spirits anyway. After several unsuccessful prints, I decided to just paint the damn deco cover. Here it is: grean and any shade of pink/red. It's for a member of the month deco on Decos du coeur. Although the design is abstract, it's based on the skirt in a woodcut of a Korean dancer by Naoko Matsubara, whose work I found by chance while wandering through the half-closed-for-construction Royal Ontario Museum. Two rooms of the most beautiful woodcuts I have ever seen. It was a shame that those two rooms were tucked into a far corner and that you had to walk through two dimly lit closed galleries to reach them. More for me, I suppose.

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