This is the personal geographies deco that I made for myself. It's my hand with topographical features following the various lines on my hand. Well, except for the features on my fingers (excluding the wedding-band river and yes, that is my right hand but we'll pretend that I'm actually Russian Orthodox or German Luterhan, okay?)) because those lines run the short-way and that would've been boring.

And, yes, I am a bit scared about what's going to happen to these decos. In fact, I half expect them to never make it home again or at the very least, to take a long long long time to come full circle. What can I do?

In other arting news, when I joined Nervousness a while ago, I wanted to join Nicci's Fine Art Valentine object, but I joined too late. It also looked like I wouldn't make it this year too but she added a second round. Phew! I'm in it, as is Ptichka. I drew up my design last night too. I'll post it later. Now let's see how long it takes me to actually carve the block and print it.

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