"Streaky," She Said

This recent obsession with maple leaves and traditional Japanese design reared its head this weekend. Here are the results. I'm not sure what these will be. I do have two leaves decos and two Japanese decos to do for next month. There might be an autumn colours deco in my future and the red one would work for that. What do you think?

I think these would also make nice cards but for that I'd want to invest in a maple-leaf-shaped punch. Cutting these buggers out by hand was rather tedious.


Anonymous said...

I love these. yes invest in a maple punch.....and when ya do, send me a card please. I'll send choco. :)

Odilon said...

I know that you've been working 12-hour days, but post some new art, woman and I'll send you a card even if I don't find a maple-leaf punch. :-P

Anonymous said...

frigging comp has a virus, needed to be wiped totally clean, AND of course scanner/printer etc needs to be put back in....So no new art for a bit.....Poo! SHIT!