This is the personal geographies deco for my partner, Amy. I had been thinking about doing something with a brain in the same vein as a celestial map I saw of Vishnu's feet in a book but I wasn't particularly inspired. It's hard to come up with a personal geographies deco for someone else. Then, last night, as I ate my dinner and drank my beer, this idea came to me. Amy is obssessed with anatomical hearts at the moment (and in light of her theme suggestions for the past few months, has been for a while). I copied the heart from the web and then coloured it a la those map books from the seventies that I have hanging about. Same ugly colour scheme and everything. And then I got to label all the countries and geographical features. I need to add a couple more towns to Knowledge but I'm happy with Love and Joy. I kept Despair and Grief small. I was also ambivalent about having such a large Sea of Tears but I figure tears of joy are also there.

The cover is white card stock onto which I glued a gessoed map of Canada and then the heart. The pages are cover stock and it's bound neat-like. Fibres felt inappropriate. Now I need to get cracking on labeling my map. There has to be a Latin dictionary on line somewhere. I've decided to go with Latin because my deco has more of an antique map feel to it than Amy's. Yes, Latin, even though I'll get the declensions wrong. Sigh.

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alteredaimee said...

This is fabulous. I really wanted to do this project, but wasn't sure about sending the end results out into the world. I think I will do a few personal geographies in my art journal. You have inspired me once again!!!
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