To the right is my page in a tiny red and white deco. It's water colour crayons.

Last night I went to one of those big chain office supply stores where you can't buy one of anything. You must by things in quantities so large that you'll never be able to use everything. I needed index cards for the diss and I was hoping to pick up a pink Sharpie. Well, pink Sharpies only come in the twenty-pack, which was almost three times more expensive than the ten-pack. Okay, the ten-pack was on sale. Then I looked at the the other Sharpies packages. There were chisel Sharpies, which are excellent; CD-writer Sharpies, which look exactly like regular Sharpies; boring colour Sharpies; and mini-Sharipies, which are pint-sized pens that you can attach to your keychain (eh). For once, I questioned the existence of Sharpies because everythng in this display felt so pointless. I suppose it was the realization that I would not be acquiring a pink Sharpies that led me to me ennui but still... So I bought a 60-pack of Prismacolour coloured pencils for less than the price of a twenty-pack of Sharpies and a ten-pack of Staedtler silver ball pens. I admit it, it was the packaging and the sight of all those packs of colourful pens in a big bin that helped me cave on an art purchase I should not have made. Especially since it sounds as though Ptichka will be on strike come Monday. Oh well. They write really beautifully. And the new coloured pencils are sooo much better than the Crayola ones I've been using. They're like butter.

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Cellissimo said...

I love Sharpie, but I'll stick with the traditional stuff. I have a set of extra fine tip and another set of regular. I'm on the look out for the gold and silver colors, which will make my Sharpie set complete.

Those Staedtler pens look good. Sometimes I have trouble with rollerballs; they either leak or skip, but this looks like a really good set of pens.

Your flower is so cute!