I haven't been up to making much recently. Class planning and the diss are consuming my free time. I've also been feeling a bit, um, blah about my art at the moment. The doldrums seem to hit every other month so I'm not too worried. I'm receiving Nicci's hand-drawn self-portrait deco and her typology deco in the mail soon. I'm expecting a burst of inspiration when they appear. I'm also still super stoked about my Valentine print. It's so cute. So, I'm telling you all of this to explain why I'm posting a deco page from the beginning of the year. This is a page I did in Nici's (Yes, I know two Nicoles. Thank goodness they spell their names differently) feathers and wings deco. She was circulating it on Nervousness and I wonder where it is now. Water colours and India ink. The motif is probably lifted from Turkish pottery because I <3 Turkish pottery and I have a book of copyright-free images from it. Hee!

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