Sooner than Expected: Art

My advisor gave me the thumbs up on my intro yesterday. She also summed up the remaining hundred pages of the diss: Socialist Realism, blah blah blah film blah blah blah Lermontov blah blah blah Pushkin blah blah blah genre blah blah blah equals one hundred pages. I know that she's right, I just don't want to do the work. Because I'm lazy. So I sat down and started Ptichka's art journal and made something while I waited for one of the layers in my page in Ptichka's journal to dry.

This is the cover for my bridges deco at Decos du coeur. The composition, etc is borrowed from one of Monet's paintings of the Japanese bridge at Giverny. Well, except that my drawing is way more symmetrical and there's no depth to it because well, I am an amateur. Hee! Coloured pencils on water colour paper.

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