Coming Soon: Art

There will be more art soon and no more memes unless they're really good but at the moment I have too much anxiety about too many things to focus on making stuff. The best advice I've heard lately is "Work on what is stressing you the most." My dissertation, immigration forms, and class prep are what keep me up at night (and I'm sure Ptichka and Tam's art journals are contributing a bit but nowhere near as much as the other three items), so they'll be my focus until I collapse in a quivering heap, muttering in tongues. (Why can't English participles work like Russian ones?) I'm predicting that this will happen on Saturday night. Then, I'll spend Sunday making things and you'll get to see the results (I'll also post some scans of the fabulous soft toy book Ptichka bought for me at the Goodwill yesterday). Because, I deserve a day off a week, dammit! Now if only I actually believed that last statement. Can we say, stupid Protestant work ethic?

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