My page in a blackbird deco. It's all about the acrylics, baby. If you enlarge the picture you can see all of the texture in the bird. I keep looking at my blackbird and thinking that I've seen him somewhere else before, I just can't figure out where. It's bugging me. Anywho, it's time to start what I predict will be a very frustrating and crappy day.


Anonymous said...

oooooo I love this bird. I looked and looked at it. I believe there is a painting out there, of an old man, done mostly in grays and black with that yellow hue around him and there is a crow on top of his top hat. That is what I am reminded of. Excellent.

derailuer said...

ACRYLICS?? hmmmmm, i tried them. prefer OIL over acrylics.
. check it out. [ my site] if ya want. OIL has soul..