Canadians are Cool

Since I'm still in the starstruck, I love my new homeland phase of immigration (even though Stephen Harper is really trying to take the bloom off the rose), I think that the Trans-Canada Etsy website is a smashing idea. It's a list of Canadian sellers on Etsy, which is a good thing because 1. the functionality of Etsy's geolocator has improved but it's still frustrating if you're looking at major urban centres and 2. it's an easy way to avoid blowing a gasket over ungodly shipping rates (or the lack of international shipping, period). I just saw a cute notecard set the shipping for which was significantly more than the cards themselves.*

*Seller's perogative and all that jazz. It's also my buyer's perogative not to buy the thing. And I usually don't.

There's nothing below the fold.

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