The Best Acknowledgement Ever

In my struggle to get this diss revised and ready for my committee, I find myself thumbing through lots of defended dissertations at the library. I'm not looking for brilliance. I'm looking to see how people get things done. Actually, I've been looking at chapter intros almost exclusively because I have a problem getting started. I also always look at the acknowledgements because I am a cheeseball rolled in nuts. My favourite acknowledgements so far are by Dr. David Andrew Meban, whom I googled. He is now an assistant professor at the University of Regina (Good show!). Here's the first paragraph:
To say that I took my time in the preparation of this dissertation would be an understatement. At the outset, therefore, I thank those mentioned below most of all for their indulgence and patience with my somewhat intermittent work ethic.
I love it.

There's nothing below the fold.


Anonymous said...


I have been dying to write my acknowledgement since last week and I am still no where near finishing. Could you please send me the full copy of the acknowledgement you just started above by Dr. David Andrew. If you can then please mail it to me at mohamedberray@gmail.com.

Thanks and good luck.

Mohamed Berray

subhash said...

iam also in the process of writing ny aknowledgement, it will be helpful for me if i can also get a copy of Dr David aknowledgemnt kindly mail me to subhashmedhi@gmail.com

xiaoyan lu said...

i wish I could get one as well..seems it is very nice...