Vine ATCs

I'm going to fall short of my writing quota for the day. The ideas have not been coming today, although I did force a bunch. I'm going to continue writing for the next hour but I'm not feeling too hopeful. I just took a Re@ctin (because stress is making me break out in hives) and it's making my extremities feel all tingly and heavy. And Ptichka brought home Introducing A. R. Rahman, Lily Frost, and Night Song. I keep concentrating on the music, instead of on my chapter. That's right, it's all her fault I'm so flaky. *ahem*

Since I'm pretty much useless at this point in the evening (and tomorrow is jam-packed with business), here are some vine ATCs. You can see close-ups of the individual cards in my ATC set on Flickr. The blue one is my favourite and the gold comes in second. Bling!

And now, back to the chapter.

There's nothing below the fold.


georgeious said...

you should just change your diss topic to "the efficacy and romance of effin swear words damnit!" your polyglot status could provide a wealth of material.

until then, grab yourself a neighbor cat and get some extra cuddling in before you try to get back to work... (she says while on her vacation)

Odilon said...

You're on vacation? Are you anyplace exciting? Warm? Sunny? Or are you hanging about the house in pyjamas and bunny slippers?

I should've written about swearing. I could've called my diss: "Fuck it!"