I find that the easiest way to slow my mind down at the end of a busy day of writing is to make ATC backs. I have a couple of favourite techniques at the moment. The first one is the plastic wrap crinkle. It's super easy. Wet down a piece of watercolour paper and then add paint (either watercolours or fluid acrylics). You can add more than one colour if you'd like. Before the paint dries, cover your entire substrate with plastic wrap and crinkle it. Let dry for about five minutes and then peel off the wrap. Let your paper dry completely before using. Below are two large sheets waiting to be cut into a useable size.

Then there is a satisfyingly goopy technique that Miss Fish had described elsewhere. For the backs below I used modelling paste. I'm not sure that I like the brand of paste I just bought. It seems far more matte than my old stuff. And it turned my gold paint peach. Peach?! Ugh! I'm in the process of doing some more backs without the help of modelling paste. So far the colours look much better.

I'm looking forward to having the time again to do more than make ATC backs. Fingers crossed, that should happen in a couple weeks. Just in time to go to Manitoba for a couple of weeks.

There's nothing below the fold.

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