ATC Backs: Much Better

The ATC backs below were also made using Miss Fish's technique. I didn't bother with the modelling paste this time around and stuck with heavy body acrylics (I did buy a whole bunch of tubs of it just before discovering fluid acrylics. They're not so matte. Yeah! Here are three backs made with an old engineering handbook.

And here are two more that I made using an old colour copy of a Munch postcard I had hanging about (the original image is a version of this painting). I mixed my acrylics with medium this time around because I wanted some transparency. As you can see, I didn't really get it. Next time.

And now it's back to the writing. I have a decent shot of making tonight's deadline. Really. It's amazing what can happen when your deadlines are realistic (although my extreme boredom with this chapter may be my undoing).

ETA: I've also just discovered that the cards I wanted to buy on Etsy are no longer available. Sigh. Now I really have no reason to not go back to bed.

There's nothing below the fold.

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