I was a bit obsessed (to the point of causing an undue amount of stress) with getting a new winter coat this season. I finally bought a coat (well, Ptichka bought me a coat) and then I had to get mittens. I have a wide array of scarves already, thank you very much. After much searching and and rejecting and frustration, I found mittens. I had wanted gloves but "one size fits all" means "too big for my hands."

So, anyhow. I am ready for winter. Bring on the snow! Right?

Wrong. It's 14 degrees celsius outside right now. It's supposed to be 17 on Wednesday.

I suppose that I'll bundle up and pretend that I'm in Antartica while looking at this blog.

There's nothing below the fold.


georgeious said...

are you wearing your mittens in the house while typing on the keyboard? impressive.

Odilon said...

yes! i'm using my nose. ;-)