I Don't Remember Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady

The cat count at our place has been one for the past two years: a stray, who counts as half a cat and RZA, who counts as half a cat. Really, having half of two cats is good enough for me. I don't actually need my own cat. I'd prefer not to have to worry about things like vet bills and grooming. Leave that to actual cat owners, I say.

Well, now we have one and a half cats in our life. Meet Riley Emile.
We can't decide if he's an actual stray, an abandoned kitty, or a well-loved minou who's sneaking in an extra meal. All we do know is that he's gorgeous. Check out his eyes, which I don't think he wanted me photographing because he would not sit still when he came in for a quick snack this afternoon.

There are more photos of his gorgeousness (including a shot of his paws) below the fold.

And now it's time to do too much work on too little sleep. At least I finally came up with a solution for all my diss angst that does not involve quitting.

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wolfa said...

Awww. So cute. He looks remarkably well cared for for a stray or abandoned kitty. But what a wonderful face.