Art by the Card Challenge 2006: Cards 20 and 21

I've been trying not to repeat myself too much this month (really!), but a new design every day was getting difficult. The only thing preventing me from making duplicate cards is that I hadn't come up with any one design that I thought merited multiple cards. That all changed earlier this week. Behold! Delphinium with hearts instead of flowers. As you'll see in later posts, I could do this type of thing for, pretty much, ever. I think I might even see a possible solution to my current poppy girl problem.
Heart Delphinium I: sharpie and acrylics
Heart delphinium II: non-sharpie pen and acrylics.

In dissertating news: Ptichka noted the night before last, "There's hope in your voice again." Yes, there is.

And, please, check out these crows on Flickr.

There's nothing below the fold.

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