Art by the Card Challenge 2006: Card no. 9

Even though I appear to be a day behind, I'm not. Card 10 is sitting on my scanner bed at this very moment. I'll get around to posting it tomorrow. I'm actually finding the documentation as exhausting as making the ATCs and, believe you me, the making of the ATCs is getting exhausting. It's like when you start exercising again: the first run is easy-peasy, but the second run just about kills you. I'm waiting for the endorphins to kick in and the ideas to flow.


This ATC is aptly named "Flower Thing." It was "Flower Thingie," which is more me (there are no things in my life, only thingies), but, well, there are two extra letters to write and I'm tired. Have I mentioned that already?

Commence rambling: I now know that I love fluid acrylics. They're like watercolours but permanent. Yeah! I've also discovered that I love hansa yellow. It looks nasty in the bottle but it's sweet and acidic on paper.

I *could* ramble on and on and on and on and on, but I figure that I should save that for diss rewrite eleventeen.

There's nothing below the fold.


miss fish said...

I like this one. It really calls out.

gwensmom said...

Wow- what a transition from #8 to #9. Serenne to va-va-voom! They are both wonderful.