Art by the Card Challenge 2006: Card no. 6

I'm still on track for the challenge. I was contemplating getting ahead this weekend but I slept until nearly 11.00 (!), it's 1.30 and I'm still in my PJs, I'm heading out to Loomis for some more fluid acrylics (I need red and yellow), Loomis will be followed by grocery shopping, and I still need to write 2.5 pages today. Ahead probably won't happen. I'll be happy with on top.

To the left are some bare trees. I need to work on minimizing my goopiness. Ptichka has suggested watering down my acrylics more, so I'll give that a shot tonight. Otherwise, I'll stick with acrylic backgrounds and artist ink drawings.

To all you Canuckleheads out there, Happy Thanksgiving! I'll return on Tuesday with at least two more ATCs and maybe a diss update.

There's nothing below the fold.

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