Art by the Card Challenge 2006: Card no. 1

I'm participating in an art challenge for the month of October via one of the Y@hoo! groups to which I belong. My goal? To make thirty ATCs this month. To the left is my first card. There will be twenty-nine more. I hope.

No. There will be. I hereby decree the month of October The Month of Getting Shit Done. Feel free to join me.

There's nothing below the fold.


gwensmom said...

I love love love the birds! Your skills with paper and thread are amazing.

September was my getting shit done month, so Oct will be "get some rest before you go insane" month.

Odilon said...

Thank you! Now, I need to make nice with the sewing machine for some real thread on paper action. Hubba hubba.

Chrysti said...

This rocks zh! Love it!