Now What? Some Randomness

The diss has been reconfigured. I still don't want to work on it. It still makes me want to vomit. I'm faking the confidence pretty well, but let me tell you, it's gone. As is my momentum. I opened the file that was to be my final chapter in the old configuration and I had inserted a congratulatory note at the beginning: "You're almost done!" My arse.

I have a meeting tomorrow morning for no real discernable reason and then the person calling the meeting wants to have lunch with everyone at the meeting. I do not want to be social. I want to be alone to work (or not work) on the diss and pick up an ILL book.

I've been paying attention to the Euro qualifiers...in Czech. I tell myself that it'll help my Czech. I have learned some soccer-related vocab and some colloquial constructions. Really, though, this is just diss and teaching procrastination, brought to you by men in shorts and a black and white ball. My favourite random bit of useless info gleaned from my Czech-language soccer fandom is the Czech name for Lichtenstein: Lichtenštejnsko. Hee. So cute.

The rest of this post was an excuse to post a WIP. This ATC is obviously not finished but I'm stuck. Ptichka suggested dry brushing on some silver paint, but I'm open to other ideas.


Meh, I say.

Stupid universe, thwarting me and robbing me of my momentum. Sometimes, you really suck.

When I write again, I'll do it as an adult. Promise.

There's nothing below the fold.

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altermyworld said...

Your card is a glorious shade of blue, the tree (at least i hope it is a tree) needs more branches that extend down wards. Then drybrushing some silver paint along the branches to create some shadows.
Maybe even a moon peeking out from the tree at the top.
How's that for advice? Take it or leave it right?
Well about your diss, GAWDDDDDDDDDDD i wish this was over for you, agonizing to watch it all unfold.
(((hugs))) are cyber hugs ok with you?