Another One?

Yes, another WIP. Last Sunday, Ptichka and I went over to a friends' house for dinner. One of these friends is an artist. A real, live professional one with the fancy pants degree and everything. Seeing her work (and spending too much on art supplies just before heading over for dinner) got me anxious to try playing with texture. The WIP in the previous post is a result of my playing and here's the other result.

Once again, I'm stuck. Suggestions? Or do you think I should leave it? I'm tempted to do just that but there's something missing.

In unrelated news: tomorrow is orientation. Blech. The school year starts next week. At least I have my syllabus and first day of class planned.

There's nothing below the fold.


Kirsten said...

I say leave it. The colors are delicious! Or, put it away for a few days, then look at it and decide. Sometimes I just need some time away from a piece.

miss fish said...

I think it could use a leaf coming off the middle branch.

It could look interesting if it was cut from the silver side of a copper sheet.