Yes, I had to do it.

There's nothing below the fold.


Kathy said...

I keep missing Colbert Report because of my demanding little ankle biters. Damn reproduction it is so overrated ;)

Maybe Mr. Colbert could read your dissertation! Yeah!

Odilon said...

Hmmm....it's probably about as well-written as his Tek Jansen novel and it's shorter. I'll have to give him a call.

Stephen (and sometimes Jon) is the only television I watch these days. The rest of it makes me jittery and guilty.

georgeious said...

awww, have you given up PR? they finally had some big girls on the show!

how many more chapters until my mae-mae can make a movie out of your diss? maybe we can find some connections for you. oooh ooooh! can we make it a cartoon?!?!

Odilon said...

PR doesn't air in Canada until 4 September so I'm in a little bit of a PR bubble at the moment.

The chapters are all written, I'm slogging through revisions now. And a cartoon would be swell. Maybe all my little poet friends can be animals?