Gogol Is Still My Co-Pilot

Today Ptichka received a letter declaring her eligibility as a sponsor of my application for permanent residency. According to the flow chart provided by immigration, I have an interview ahead of me to make sure that my documents are legal and then I'll land.

I'll land, which makes me giggly and sad at the same time.

There's nothing below the fold.


altermyworld said...

that interview will consist of a few questions.
1. Do you have any dependents?
2. Have you been convicted of a crime?
3. DO you have your pictures with you? (the pictures for your PR card?

ANd then you will be given a handshake/ and a book that say "Welcome to Canada" and in that booklet you will find "How to open up a checking account."

And a big ole stamp that says "landed" YEAH

WHy ya feeling sad?


georgeious said...

congrats on all your progress and excitement! things that were once theoretical can be scary up close, i know, but you'll be fine.

you haven't been actually CONVICTED, right? hehehe

Odilon said...

How to open a chequing account? Damn! I've been living in Canada for ten years now. I KNOW how to open a chequing account.

The sadness is just me being nostalgic. Everything's coming together at the same time: immigration, graduation, etc. It feels like I've been waiting for my life to start and now that it is finally about to start, I'm feeling all weepy about the faux life.

Gee: Me? I'm sugar and spice and everything nice. I'm also too smart to get caught. ;-) (<--I joke.)

altermyworld said...

laughing.....I would hope you do know how to open a checking account.

And guess what? The day i landed there was the huge buildup and then all of a sudden i was legal. I got nostalgic.
I understand.


Odilon said...

I just hope that the moment is nothing like passing my comprehensives for my doctorate. It was like bad sex: a long build up to the crappiest release pretty much evah.

altermyworld said...

laughing my frigging ass off. OH ZH you are so dry. You rock!
And unfortunately is was just liuke that BUT just imagine you you you you you will be legal.

Odilon said...

Legal legal legal! La la la la la! I suppose bad sex is better than no sex. :-)