Life Is Good in an Odd Sort of Way or Random Bullets of Good Crap

  • The new Thom Yorke CD is awesome. This is high praise for someone who still hasn't come around to post-OK Computer Radiohead.
  • I've been running twice this week.
  • After a rocky start, my revisions of the chapter on Paustovsky are rocking.
  • My advisor finally feels like I'm strutting my stuff adequately.
  • I cleared out my deco box.
  • I can feel myself on the verge of wanting to make something new.
  • I've managed to stay on track with my French studies.
  • Je t'aime, Yolande Wong.
  • There's nothing below the fold.


Kirsten said...

I've been thinking about getting the Thom Yorke cd, but now that you've given it such high praise (and I clicked his *sweet* website), I think I must have it. yup.

Kirsten said...

Oh yeah, and I think that the new thing that you're on the verge of making is a pincushion. You know you want to!

Odilon said...

Ptichka's gonna make one so you can swap with her. :-P I always contemplate figuring out how to sew again and then school happens. Maybe in 2007?

Ah and the website is sweet, isn't it? I love that it looks like woodcuts.

georgeious said...

oh goodness, how many languages are you going to end up knowing? you're probably one of those people who picks up on them in no time, leaving peanut heads like little georgie girl to bang their heads against a wall in shame. you must promise to help those of us who lag behind.

my competitive side wants me to show off for you now. hmmm...

i can make gravy. white gravy. and i can count past ten with my shoes on.

Odilon said...

Gee-Girl: I cannot make gravy nor can I count very high. I'm in the humanities, after all.

But as for the French, allow me to remind you that I AM married to a Francophone. Learning French isn't really an option. :-P At least they have some good hip-hop going on. Ooooh yeah!

V.K. Soaplash said...

that Yorkesite really IS schweeeet. Thanks for linking. I sat there staring at the front page for what seemed like ever, quite the cavalcade of imagery. And he's kinda got a Mr. Cake thing going on, sorta...kinda...well maybe not really. Fancy me sending ol' Thom a Mr. Cake zine. I put that out there to Haddock, my cake mail art buddy ya know, he said he'd be up to it. Good on ya for the running last week you really do cram a lot of life into yours!

Anonymous said...

Andre's video is really awesome, and good luck wiht your french, this is not an easy task